Dirk Kemmer

Online Video Professional: Live streaming, video production, camera and editing.

What I do

I'm a video professional that has his focus on creating and distributing online video content. And is particularly specialised in live streaming and on-demand video.

Why me

I have more then 8 years of extensive experience in online video production. Skilled in editing, camera work and producing live streaming projects. 

Contact me

Please don't hesitate to contact me by sending me an email or reach out to me on social media.

BIO: Dirk Kemmer

Since 1991 when Dirk Kemmer first came into contact with the nowadays called EDM music, he was fascinated about the magic that is surrounding this scene.

At the age of 15 he went to his first event, ID&T's Mysteryland outdoor '98 and was hooked.

From that time on he visited many events and worked on his other passion video production.

This video passion grew even bigger in 2005 and Dirk decided to combine these two passions into one and this dream came together at the german based festival Nature One festival 2006.

And was asked by Q-dance to create their aftermovie for Mysteryland 2006, this was a success and Dirk Kemmer started creating almost all ID&T & Q-dance their online video productions.

With the absolute highlights in 2010 the Tomorrowland 2010 DVD and a year later the famous Tomorrowland 2011 aftermovie. 

The first festival aftermovie that reached a stunning 60 million views in one year on YouTube.

In 2011 Dirk Kemmer's interest in video live streaming really took off and his joint venture with Be-at.tv started, in January 2014 he became Be-at.tv's Chief Production Officer. And after 8 months he started SlashLive with his new partners, Chris and Adrian. As Co-founder of the company SlashLive Dirk will continue his career in video live streaming.